A new adventure begins in Dragon Awaken version 1.90
- 2018/12/13 -

The new version 1.90 of Dragon Awaken will be launched on November 20th. The update will bring new features to Dragon awaken to make the user experience more diverse. These are the details of the new version:

Latest Features

Pet Trip

You don't need to travel alone anymore, take your Pets with you! Train your Pets to become your new companions. Your Pets will travel and come back with rewards for you. The Pet Trip feature will be in your Lands. Send your Pets to look for resources while your are AFK, don't waste any time. Your Pets will find Gold and Chests in their travels. Each Pet trip takes 2 hours and you can send up to 3 Pets to travel alone.

Feed Pet

The Pet System has a new way to make your Pet even more powerful. The Feeding feature will allow you to make them grow in new ways. Feed your Pets to improve your BR and upgrade their Trips.

EXP Fairy

Winning EXP is more convenient than ever with the EXP Fairy. Reach Lv. 40, Lv. 50, Lv. 60 and Lv. 70 to receive rewards as you level up.


A new feature available worldwide - the Gacha. Player can now find a Dragon Gacha in the game! Reach level 20 to be able to participate in the event. There are different Gacha with different items on it. There’s 5 types of Gacha: Wings Gacha, Mount Gacha, Hero Gacha, Relic Gacha and Fashion Gacha.

Enchanted Garden

Your Lands have a new Enchanted Garden to enjoy. Roll the dice to advance and win extra rewards. The Garden will be reset daily. Depending on which square you fall, you will win Gold or activate special effects. Join your friend's gardens to explore the feature.

Deity System

Reach Ultimate Level 5 to open the new Deity System. Level up your Dragons to unlock different Deities. Upgrading your Deity will boost your Stats greatly. Reach certain levels and your Deity will cast a spell to get a greater boost. Also, you will find out more about the story behind every Deity.

Join Dragon Awaken to unlock these new features and become the ultimate dragon master!

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